Kim Sung Cheol replaces Yoo Ah In in Netflix’s ‘Hellbound 2’

Kim Sung Cheol has taken over the role previously played by Yoo Ah In in the Netflix series "Hellbound 2.

The highly anticipated Season 2 of “Hellbound” has unveiled its cast lineup, with one notable absence. Actor Yoo Ah-in, who was embroiled in drug use allegations, will not be returning for the upcoming season.

The second season of the popular Netflix show “Hellbound” continues the story of a supernatural occurrence where people are abruptly condemned to hell by unexpected messengers. The season delves deeper into the mystery with the introduction of Park Jeong Ja and Jeong Jin Soo, whose lives are forever changed by the shocking events of the first season. Alongside them, the religious group Saejinrihoe emerges from the chaos to uncover the truth behind the phenomenon and the resurrection.

The characters in “Hellbound” have been announced, with Kim Hyun Joo reprising her role as Min Hye Jin, a lawyer battling the Arrowheads, a fanatical group devoted to Saejinrihoe and Jeong Jin Soo. Meanwhile, Kim Sung Cheol will play Jeong Jin Soo, the former chairman of Saejinrihoe who conceals his own descent into hell in order to protect the group’s doctrine.

Yoo Ah in is presently the subject of a police investigation for his habitual propofol use. Furthermore, according to reports, more details concerning his use of other substances like cocaine and ketamine have come to light,

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