BIGHIT Music to take action against KORAIL employee for privacy violation

In a recent revelation, it has come to light that an employee of KORAIL had surreptitiously accessed the personal information of RM, the leader of BTS. However, the management company of BTS, Big Hit Music, has vowed to take strict measures in response to this breach of privacy.

In a statement provided to Korean media Today on March 2nd, a representative from Big Hit Music revealed that they would be taking appropriate action to safeguard their artist’s privacy with regards to recent events. The statement was made in response to reports that KORAIL employee A had accessed RM’s personal information without authorization.

Following the internal audit conducted on the 1st of this month, it was revealed that a worker from IT department had been accessing RM’s private data, including his address, mobile phone number, and ticket information, for non-work related purposes over a period of three years starting from 2019. KORAIL, has since confirmed that the employee in question has been relieved of their duties and is currently undergoing disciplinary proceedings.

Regarding this, RM uploaded a related article on Instagram on the 2nd and wrote “^^;;”

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