Park Eun Bin, NewJeans top list of White Day gift recipients

Who are the top celebrities to give candy to for White Day?

On March 13th, PMI released the results of a nationwide survey conducted via the Unisurvey platform. The survey polled 1,000 men between the ages of 20 and 69 to determine their preferred celebrity candidates for giving candy on White Day.

An online survey was carried out to assess the popularity of actors and idols for White Day candy giving. The results are in, with Park Eun Bin (20.8%) coming out on top in the actor category, while NewJeans (16.6%) emerged as the most favored idol.

With an impressive approval rating of 20.8%, Park Eun Bin has been named the top female actor for White Day candy giving. Known for her outstanding acting abilities, she has won the hearts of the nation with her performance in the popular drama series “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”.

In second place, with a shared score of 16.5%, were Han So Hee and Kim Tae Ri, closely trailed by Kim Yoo Jung at 13.7%, and Seol In Ah at 9.9%.

New Jeans, with a 16.6% approval rating, was voted as the top female idol for White Day candy giving. Recently, on Spotify, the world’s largest music platform, they have achieved an impressive milestone, accumulating over 1 billion streams within just seven months of their debut.

During the 20th Korean Music Awards held on the 5th, New Jeans received three prestigious awards, including Rookie of the Year, Best K-Pop Album, and Best K-Pop Song, earning them the coveted “three crowns”.

Following in second place was IVE (15.7%), followed by BLACKPINK (14.6%) in third, Twice (14.2%) in fourth, and aespa (10.8%) in fifth, respectively.

PMI Co., Ltd. conducted the survey using the ‘UniSurvey’ platform, with a sampling error of ±3.10%p at a 95% confidence level.

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