MONSTA X’s Minhyuk personally announces enlistment date

Minhyuk of Monsta X personally announced that he will be enlisting on April 4t

Minhyuk wrote a lengthy handwritten letter on the fan cafe on the 13th, opening with “Hello, I’m Minhyuk!” In the letter, he expressed that due to his national defense duty on April 4th, he won’t be able to see his fans frequently for a brief period.

Prior to his enlistment, Minhyuk shared his sentiments, stating that although he is accustomed to regularly engaging with fans through various activities such as posting on the fan cafe, and sharing photos. Not being able to do so for a brief period of time is what what saddens him the most. Despite this, he intends to approach his enlistment with a positive attitude.

Moreover, Minhyuk expressed his enthusiasm for the future, stating, “I’m already looking forward to utilizing the time ahead to enhance myself as a stronger version of Minhyuk and to receive even more love from Monbebe.”

He concluded the conversation by bidding farewell with a positive outlook, assuring his fans, “I’ll be back soon with a smile. See you next year!”

At the age of 29, Minhyuk, born in 1993, has become the second member of the group to enlist following Shownu.

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