N.Flying rocks September 1st with PH N.Fias

N.Fias gathered for a one memorable night together with N.Flying in ‘Up All Night’ concert in New Frontier Theater, September 1. 

With full-energy the Korean rap-rock boy band – N.Flying heated up the night with ‘Up All Night’ as their opening performance. Loud cheers from N.Fias filled in the theater as they sang with the band. As the band performed their second song ‘R U Ready? everyone stood up and clapped their hands’ which meant they are ready to stay ‘Up All Night’ with N.Flying. After, they performed ‘Preview’ from the band’s latest EP.

Subsequently, N.Flying performed ‘Anyway,’ and ‘Lovefool’ from their 4th mini-album ‘How Are You?’. Following, Korean rap-rock band performed ‘Don’t Mess Up With Me’ that definitely made N.Fias more hyped up. 

Angelic vocals and harmonious melody mesmerized the crowd when they sang ‘‘Like a Flower,’ ‘Crossroad,’ and ‘Spring Memories.’ 

Time for OPM Classic, the band performed a song by ‘Eraserheads’ (a Filipino rock band) ‘Ang Huling El Bimbo’ released in 1995. Waving their hands we are sure that Filipino N.Fias definitely waited for this moment. This also proved that music is truly a universal language. Hweseung, revealed that it was his first time playing a guitar on stage. 

Furthermore, N.Flying rocked the stage with QUEEN’s popular hit songs medley such as ‘We Will Rock You,’‘Don’t Stop Me Now,’ ‘Radio Ga Ga,’  ‘We Are the Champions,’ and ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ with Seunghyub playing the piano. 

As the night goes deeper, Seunghyub, Cha Hoon, Jaehyun, Hweseung and Dongsung fired up the night with their upbeat songs ‘Flowerwork,’ ‘Endless Summer,’ and ‘How R U Today’. Followed by ‘Rooftop,’ ‘Sunset,’ and ‘Leave It’. A really crazy performance of N.Flying cAme up next ‘The Real’.

Falling deeply in love with N.Flying as they sang ‘Fall With You’. The band then concluded ‘Up All Night’ in Manila with an encore stage including ‘Say Goodbye,’ ‘Hot Potato,’ and Don’t forget This’.

Singing, dancing, and jumping from left to right with N.Flying, it seemed like everyone enjoyed the night. A night full of wonderful performances and a night that is timeless. 

Just like how the beat of the drum, the sounds produced by strumming guitar strings and the mesmerizing voices created perfect and beautiful songs, N.Flying and N.Fias also created a beautiful memories and interesting stories together.

We would like to express our gratitude to Three Angles Production for inviting us.

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