NCT to form new unit through ‘NCT Universe: LASTART’ show

SM Entertainment revealed that the final members of NCT will be selected through the show ‘NCT Universe: LASTART’,

The upcoming reality show is set to highlight the transformative journey of the trainees, culminating in the creation of a brand-new NCT unit called NCT NEW TEAM (subject to change). The show is scheduled to premiere on July 27th.


The program name ‘LASTART’ combines the words “LAST” and “START,” symbolizing both the conclusion of the group’s infinite growth and the start of an exciting new team. As introduced in the earlier ‘SM 3.0: NEW IP 2023‘ video, this project aims to unveil a fresh unit, one among the trio of rookie teams, while serving as the concluding chapter in NCT’s expansive and ever-evolving universe.

The male trainees taking part in the reality show will embark on a thrilling journey to secure their spots as debut members through a series of missions. Guiding them throughout this process as art directors and judges are none other than esteemed senior artists BoA and Eunhyuk.

Moreover, viewers can anticipate the appearances of talented senior artists from SM Entertainment in every episode, adding further excitement and star power to the show.

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