#NUESTSegnoinMNL: A True LOΛEs Story

Urban Electro Band – NU’EST conquered SMART Araneta Coliseum with outstanding and rocking performances, August 31. 

After years of waiting finally, NU’EST performed live in Manila. The moment they showed up on stage until the moment they said their goodbye it was all worth the wait. 

“Hello” we often used this word as greetings. As NU’EST sang ‘Hello’ as their opening song, we are sure that it marked in PH LOΛEs hearts as it will remind them that finally, their dreams to finally see NU’EST in Manila come true.

Following the remarkable opening performance, NU’EST painted Araneta Coliseum with a masterpiece as they showed off their harmonious color and aura with the song ‘Love Paint’. Charming Princes NU’EST then performed ‘Overcome’ and latest title track ‘Bet Bet’ on which they scored their first music show win.

Masaya kami ngayon dahil kasama namin kayo…(we’re happy tonight because we are together with you)” Ren said during their first ment. 

As the concert continued, NU’EST made the crowd experience a different vibe with ‘Look (a starlight night),’ ‘R.L.T.L.(Real Love True Love) (one morning),’ and ‘Daybreak’ JR and Minhyun’s duo song from their fifth mini-album ‘Canvas’. They also performed ‘I’m Bad’’ their special single release to celebrate their third anniversary and to thank fans.

A very heartwarming and comforting voice of Baekho was felt as he performed his masterpiece ‘Thanksful for You’. Aron gave a gifted the crowd with a smooth and cozy Jazz version of his solo ‘Good Love.’ (seems like many LOΛEs swerves into his lane). That one star shining brightly on stage, Minhyun sang ‘Universe’. The curtain falls and red light fills the stage the crowd fell more in love with Ren’s ‘Paradise.’ JR left us in shock with his powerful and impressive solo stage  ‘I Hate You.’

Subsequently, NU’EST told a story through their touching and mellow tracks ‘A Little Bit More” and ‘One Kiss2’. With these songs, NU’EST love was felt deeper. 

Released in 2016, the Princes charmed LOΛEs with ‘Lost and Found’ and ‘VVITH’ from their fourth mini-album, Q is. Followed by ‘Pretty’ from the group’s third mini-album.

The boys also performed their classic masterpieces ‘Face’ which is the group’s debut song followed by ‘Action’ and ‘Beautiful Ghost’. It’s nice to hear the songs in where NU’EST established their own style in the music industry, where it all started and after seven years they are still together with LOΛEs. 

Segno” as the concert come close to it’s ending a NU’EST gifted the crowd a warmth feeling. They made us felt that whenever we need warmth they will be always be by our side. NU’EST will remain in LOΛEs heart forever. 

Love letters made us feel special if someone gave it to us. Of course, NU’EST didn’t forget to gift their love letters to LOΛEs with their mesmerizing voices they sang ‘A Song For You’. NU’EST and LOΛEs will be holding each other’s hands tightly. PH LOΛEs also gave their love letter to NU’EST, holding a banner ‘We are each other’s strengths… We will love you forever’.

We’re not ready to say goodbye yet but NU’EST ‘Segno’ in Manila, a new chapter in PH LOΛEs love story with NU’EST, come near to the end. They performed ‘Not Over You’ and lastly, ‘Hey, Love’.

As they wave their hands and say goodbye we don’t know when we will be seeing each other again but we are sure that no matter how long it takes it will be always worth it because it is true love. It feels like a fairy tale but it’s actually a true LOΛEs story. 


Sobrang Saya sa Puso Yung tipong iiyak na sa tuwa, Ito Ata ang bagay na mahirap mag MOVE-ON, as in LEGIT.. ” – @binibini_ronam

MASAYA NA MALUNGKOT PERO ALL IN ALL I ENJOYED IT SO MUCH!! pero bakit ko naman na sinabing malungkot? naalala ko na naghintay sila ng 7 years para dito, para marecognize sila ng madla, para makita nila tayong loves na naghihintay din sa kanila. grabe iyak ko during/after con.” @somacego

We would like to express our gratitude to PULP Live World, to NU’EST, to LOΛEs and to everyone who made this show possible.

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