Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss Yugyeom’s Live Concert in Manila

Following a sold-out solo European tour in May, YUGYEOM is now on his way to Asia to see his fans with performances in Bangkok and Manila in August!

In less than a week, Filipino Ahgases are set to meet YUGYEOM in what they jokingly refer to as another GOT7 “tingi” event in the country, which is a Filipino term used when buying products in small amounts.

The GOT7 member and now an AOMG artist, will hit the Manila stage once again after nearly three years. “Yugyeom Live in Manila” will be held at the New Frontier Theatre on August 19, 2022 (FRIDAY) at 7PM.

And here’s seven (7) reasons why you would want to be around to watch it:

It’s his first-ever solo concert in Manila!

Yugyeom is the 4th member of GOT7, following Youngjae, Bambam, and Jackson, to have his solo stage in Manila after the group held their concert for the Keep Spinning World Tour back in 2019 in the Philippines. It is also the first solo stage of Yugyeom as a solo artist in country. 

We’re sure Yugyeom prepared lots of fun surprises and performances we have not yet seen in the past. Who doesn’t want to witness live how great of a solo artist he is?

Hear his songs live

You get to hear him perform his self-produced songs from his albums “Point of View: U” and “Take You Down” and vibe with him together. You might even hear him sing GOT7 songs and his unreleased ones!

Are you ready to fall in love with Yugyeom’s live vocals?

Aesthetically pleasing dance performances

He is known as GOT7’s “dancing machine” and “main dancer” after all! But have you seen those killer moves when he is on stage? No way you want to miss the opportunity of witnessing Yugyeom’s charismatic and breathtaking stage presence!

Hear him talk about the Philippines and speak in Tagalog

It’s always great to know how he has been preparing for his tour in the country. He may talk about what he missed about the Philippines, how he felt to be back, and what food he might eat when he arrived. Remember how Yugyeom asked Filipino Ahgases what their food recommendation would be for him?

He also mentioned that he wanted to try out Jollibee food that Youngjae ate last time. We surely want an update about that!

In addition, we are also excited to hear the new words he learned and what word/s the Ahgases may teach him. Have you thought about what Tagalog word/s we may teach him? Shall we let him know the meaning of “tingi” era, too?

Meet with Filo-Ahgases

What’s even more fun than meeting and interacting with people who love the same group/artists as you! Not only will you get to meet Yugyeom on this day, but also your online and offline friends.

What makes it more exciting for Filipino KPOP fans is that it has been a tradition to the country’s KPOP Concert Community to prepare gifts, giveaways, and freebies to give out when they meet their co-fans on the day of the concert. 

You can also join the different fan supports and projects that the fandom prepared for Yugyeom and share a truly memorable event with everyone. 

Green (Fandom) Ocean

Source: @bbbelbell on Twitter

Fandom Ocean is one of the most beautiful things that the fans may give to an artist performing onstage. It’s just amazing to see the unity of a fandom to come together and make something as beautiful as it. It’s like sending out a message to the artist performing saying “We are your lights in this darkness. We will help you shine brightly. This is how much we love you.” 

You have to admit that it would be incredible to witness this in person. So, Ahgases, ready to raise and waive your ahgabong lightstick high as we sing our hearts out with Yugyeom!

Perks and Fanservice

Aside from the performances and the crowd, another thing to look forward to are the perks and fanservice from Yugyeom!

As a K-Pop tradition for Pulp Live World, every concert attendee will get their exclusive souvenir card. There are also intimate fan perks such as a Meet & Greet and Goodbye Session!

Check out below what perks you will be getting based on the seat you will purchase.

Source: Pulp Live World on Twitter (@pulpliveworld)

As a bonus, Yugyeom, himself, invites all Filipino Ahgases to watch the show!

Who would not want to see the KIM YUGYEOM in the flesh? The energy, the crowd, the vibe. We are just so excited to meet him and have fun!

Hurry now as tickets are still on sale and available at Ticketnet outlets nationwide and online.

It will definitely be a night to remember. See you there!

Yugyeom Live in Manila is presented by PULP Live World.

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