SF9 Jaeyoon enlists in the military today, March 21

FNC Entertainment, the agency of SF9, has announced that Jaeyoon will be enlisting in the 3rd Division of the Army on March 21st, marking the third member of the group to enlist following Inseong and Youngbin. Jaeyoon will be serving as an active duty soldier.

The agency stated that in order to reduce the crowd on the day of enlistment, they will not hold any official event at the location.

Furthermore, the agency expressed their gratitude towards the fans for their continuous support towards SF9’s Jaeyoon and requested their unwavering support until he completes his military service and returns safely.

Jaeyoon expressed through his official fan cafe that there’s no need to worry about him as he is confident in his ability to adapt and perform well no matter where he is stationed.

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