SJ Yesung joins the cast line up of “The Girl on the Bulldozer”

Yesung of Super Junior will be appearing on the big screen with an upcoming movie titled “The Girl on the Bulldozer.

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Yesung was confirmed as cast of the upcoming movie “The Girl on the Bulldozer” (directed/screenplay by Park Yi Woong), playing the role of detective Ko Yoo Seok.

“The Girl on the Bulldozer” is the story of a daughter”Hye Young” (played by Kim Hye Yoon), who investigates on her own about her father, “Bon Jin,” who suddenly got into an accident. Yesung will play “Ko Yoo Seok,” the detective in charge of investigating on what happened to Hye Young’s father.

Earlier in 2016, Yesung starred in a Japanese romantic-comedy film “My Korean Teacher.”


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