Some K-Dramas to watch if you love Kim Seon Ho

You may have first discovered the talented actor Kim Seon Ho through his captivating performances as Han Ji Pyung, also known as “Good Boy”, in the popular series “Start-Up” or as Hong Doo Shik in “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha.” These dynamic roles left an impression on you, and now you find yourself seeking out more dramas featuring him.

Moreover, Kim Seon Ho has a way of immersing himself in his characters, making them relatable and endearing to audiences. His performances are always engaging and thought-provoking, leaving a lasting impact on viewers. It’s not hard to understand why you find yourself drawn to his work and wanting to see more of him in different roles.

Some K-Dramas to watch if you love Kim Seon Ho

Strongest Deliveryman

The story is set in a society where young people have given up on marriage, success, and employment, and are struggling to survive in their country in which they called “Hell Joseon”. The protagonist wants to encourage these young people to fight for their future and not give up. He sympathizes with their difficult reality but believes that if they give up, it will lead to even greater pain. The story centers around the main characters working in a delivery service, and the struggles of small restaurants against the rising cost of rent and competition from big food chains. They team up to fight for their survival, and the story also talks about the importance of the small pleasures in life, like a delicious meal, which is the only hope left for the common people.

Kim Seon Ho played the role of Oh Jin Gyu. Jin Gyu has had a difficult upbringing, being constantly belittled by his father and rejected by his family. He was pushed out of the family business and even kicked out of the family. However, he was rescued by a woman named Dan Aah and is determined to repay her kindness. He is offered a chance to join another family, the Jeong family, as a way to make a better life for himself and repay Dan-ah. He is determined to make the most of this opportunity.

Two Cops

Detective Cha Dong Tak is known for his strict sense of justice and ruthless attitude towards criminals, but one day his body is taken over by a con artist named Gong Soo Chang. In order to survive, the two must work together despite their conflicting ideologies.

Koong Soo Chang is a clever con artist who can’t be hated despite his criminal actions. He is skilled in both stealing money and stealing hearts. Koong Soo Chang, after falsely accused of murder and in a state of unconsciousness, finds himself possessing the body of Cha Dong-tak, a detective known for his strict sense of justice and merciless attitude towards criminals. Despite the sudden change in circumstances, he adapts and teams up with Cha Dong-tak to investigate cases in an enthusiastic and extravagant way.

100 Days My Prince

The Gyeongguk Daejeon, a legal code of the Joseon Dynasty, stipulated that men should be married at a young age. If a man or woman had not married by the age of 28, they were considered ‘old virgins’ or ‘old bachelors’. In the Joseon Dynasty, it was believed that if there were many unmarried people, it would bring bad luck to the country and damage harmony. In one year of Joseon, when there was a drought for several months, the Crown Prince ordered all unmarried people in the eight provinces of the country to marry right away. The story then focuses on a woman named Hong Shim who is driven into a crisis of forced marriage and marries the Crown Prince Lee Yul. The story explores the complex relationship between the two characters as they navigate their roles in a rigid caste society.

Jung Jae Yoon is a highly intelligent and skilled individual with a vast knowledge that surpasses that of the Three Kings. He is described as a “brainy sexy guy” who is good at various tasks and has a keen eye for detail. Despite his talents, he comes from a background where his future is blocked due to being a bastard child. He is known as “Jeong Dare” for taking care of things that he does not have to do, as a way to repay the disdain he received from his half-brother Sa-yeop Jeong. He is determined to succeed and will do whatever it takes, even if it means taking on tasks that others are reluctant to do.

Jae Yoon meets Hong Shim by chance and falls in love with her at first sight, feeling something real and genuine for the first time in his life. However, he struggles with facial recognition disorder, which he keeps secret in fear that it would block his career path. Hong Shim is the only person he can clearly recognize, even without trying to remember her face. However, she is in a romantic relationship and he faces a severe conflict when he learns that she is involved with the Crown Prince, who he despises. Despite this, his love for Hong Shim is a problem he cannot overcome.

Eulachacha Waikiki 2

New youth appeared at Guesthouse Waikiki is a comical action melodrama about people falling in love with the girl they loved back then, a human youth drama. It’s about the first love of the three friends who suddenly appeared in front of them. It’s clumsy, childish and reckless, but it depicts the friendship, love, and challenge for the dreams of young people who run looking forward in a pleasant and refreshing way.

Cha Woo Shik, the co-owner of Guesthouse Waikiki is an aspiring singer who was once part of a four-member idol group called ‘Taj Mahal’ that incorporated Indian music into their performances. He debuted under the name of Shivausik, but the group’s debut stage was also their retirement stage due to the experimental nature of their music. Currently, he is a livelihood singer who takes on various jobs to make ends meet, such as being an idol vocal trainer, a singing class instructor, performing at weddings, and working part-time at live cafes. He suffers from chronic irritability syndrome due to his unfulfilling and monotonous life. However, one day his first love, Su-yeon, appears at the guesthouse, reigniting feelings he thought were just a painful memory.

Catch the Ghost

A crime investigation drama that takes place in the underground subway system of Seoul. The subway is a major part of the city’s infrastructure, with a total of 9 lines and 351 stations, and is used by an average of 8 million people daily. The story focuses on the crimes that occur in this underground world and how they are investigated by a special police department, known as the subway police. The detectives in this department use comical methods of disguise and communication via KakaoTalk while catching petty criminals such as pickpockets and sexual molesters. The show also depicts the daily struggles of the subway police, including their resentment towards the Kwangsu Police Department who handles violent cases and the difficulties of quick promotion. The main characters of the show include a detective with special spatial awareness and excessive sense of justice and another who values stability as a public servant.

Ji-seok, broke his leg while trying to fly like Superman on the second floor, and decided to adjust his dream of becoming a cop. He is skilled in various martial arts such as Taekwondo, Hapkido, Karate and graduated from the police academy with the top rank. He was active as a superman in the homicide squad, defeating gangsters alone and subdued a murderer with a weapon with his bare hands. However, his single mother was diagnosed with dementia and he became a caregiver for her. As a result, he made some adjustments to his dreams again and went from being a superman who catches villains to a police officer who abides by procedures and regulations.

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