5 handpicked songs by Winner that you will surely win your hearts

Winner is known for their unique and distinct music style. The group released lots of great music that rocked, not just Korean music charts but worldwide music charts.

There are many songs by Winner that we love but here are the five best title song by the group:

  1. Ah Yeah

Released in 2019, this not-so-love-song has a refreshing and cool atmosphere that will make you fall in love with the group. The song was about lovers should turn into strangers after the love was gone. The lyrics also said that they should not be friends. In addition, Yoon composed the track and Mino, Hoony, Jinu helped in writing the song.

Remarkable lyrics:
“We should just promise
I can’t be friends with you
Let’s make this clear
Sometimes it is heartless
If you take out love
We are supposed to be strangers,”

2. Island

This addictive summer song will make you want to go on a beach while drinking your favorite fresh fruit juice. The song has a catchy chorus that will surely make you feel summer all the time. Mino participated in writing the Island.

Remarkable lyrics:
“If you’re by my side, that place is treasure island
I’ll save you from the prison of gray buildings
Just rest on the sand under the blue sky,”

3. Really Really

It’s really good! One of the most viewed music video by the group, this song hits different to every Inner Circle. Winner is giving us simple but a very lovely melody. Yoon, Mino, and Hoony particpated in writing the song,

Remarkable lyrics:
“The most beautiful thing in my eyes right now
Is you lady
If my feelings for you were money
I’m a billionaire,”

4. Everyday

We would love to listen to this song literally EVERYDAY! The song is about a boy who wants to be with his love everyday. The playful vibe by the song will make you fall in love with the group deeper. The members also participated in writing the song.

Remarkable lyrics:
“Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
It’s not enough, I’m about to create another day,”

5. Millions

This is just of our our million reasons why we love Winner. This song will feel you love and will make you smile. What we love the most about Winner? It’s their distinct music and they can offer variety!

Remarkable lyrics:
“There’s hundreds on the outside but millions on the inside
Reasons why I like you, baby
Will you stay with me till the sun rises twice?
I wanna tell you all of them,”

It’s hard to only choose five songs because they literally don’t have bad songs. Why do you love Winner? We would love to hear from you!

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