A Night of Nostalgia with Kim Bum at ‘Between U and Me’ Fan Meeting in Manila

It was an unforgettable night for K-drama fans as Kim Bum finally met his Filipino Beommies again after 10+ years for the much-awaited “Between U and Me” Fan Meeting at the New Frontier Theater last September 22. 

No bad weather could stop fans from flocking the venue for a night of nostalgia, excitement, and heart-fluttering moments as the actor opened the night by singing “Wind Song” and “Always with You”, OSTs from his latest drama series, Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938. 

Following his opening performance, he warmly greeted his devoted fans and showcased his Tagalog language skills, saying, “Kamusta po kayo, namiss ko po kayo. Samahan niyo ako gumawa ng ‘di makakalimutang ala-ala today. Between U and Me, simulan na natin.”

Kim Bum shared how hands-on he was during the planning stage of the fan meeting, and how he personally picked the title, design, and opening performance, always keeping his fans in mind.

The first part of his fan meeting began with “#Bum’s Update”. During this part, he was able to share some details about his rehearsals which took 4 months. Beommies also got an update about his MBTI – he’s an INTJ, raise your hands if you share the same MBTI as him!

Beommies also got a little cute interactive event called ‘Kim Bum Awards’ wherein they cast their votes before the event. All agreed that they would give him the “Cute” Award although he prefers to be described as “Cool”. Then among the characters Kim Bum played, fans love to introduce So Yi-Jong or Lee Rang to their best friend but the actor likes Han Joon-hwi.

As the fan meeting continued, Kim Bum played several games with Beommies which allowed them to interact on stage, take Polaroid photos, receive special photocards, and one fan was even able to take home his customized tumbler. He also came closer to his fans by going down the stage. 

A lot of memories for keeps happened but surely, a definite highlight for Beommies was seeing Kim Bum dance to “Flower” by Jisoo, “ETA” by NewJeans, and “Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeards Wife” by Le Sserafim. 

After all the fun games and activities, Kim Bum took his Beommies on a trip down memory lane by serenading them with “Because I’m Stupid”, an OST from his hit drama series, Boys Over Flowers.

Yet, the surprises weren’t one-sided. Beommies had prepared a special video project with heartfelt fan video messages, highlighting their deep affection for Kim Bum.

To end the night, he expressed his love and appreciation for his fans by singing “When I Get Old”, one of the songs he liked during the pandemic. 

As fans couldn’t get enough, Kim Bum sang “My Universe” for his encore, and said his final goodbyes. 

“Nag-enjoy ba kayo today? Sobrang na-feel ko ang pagmamahal niyo. Mahal kita. Kita-kita ulit.”

Kim Bum ‘Between U and Me’ was presented by Viu Philippines. 

Words and photos by Meribel Krisyeth Valdez.

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