Girls’ Generation Sooyoung to host HYBE’s survival show ‘R U Next?’

*Hair flips* Sooyoung from Girls’ Generation was selected as the exclusive MC for HYBE Labels’ new girl group survival program ‘R U Next?’.

“RU Next?” is an upcoming show set to premiere on JTBC on the 30th. The program aims to select the final members of the next-generation girl group under the combined labels of HYBE and CJ ENM’s Belift Lab. Through a series of 7 challenging missions, participants will showcase their potential and star quality in their quest to become future “global K-pop stars.”

Sooyoung will be taking on the role of an MC in ‘R U Next?’, bringing both energy and entertainment to the show. With her previous experience as a skilled host in various broadcast programs and prestigious year-end awards ceremonies, her performance in ‘R U Next?’ is highly anticipated and expected to be outstanding.

Of special note, Sooyoung made her debut as a member of Girls’ Generation and has since built an exceptional career by expanding her talents as an actress. In ‘RU Next?’, her exceptional ability to connect and communicate with the participants is anticipated, as she brings a unique and unparalleled perspective to the show.

Expressing her excitement about joining the program, Sooyoung shared, “As I observe numerous girl groups, I’m constantly amazed by the innovative plans and concepts they bring forth, along with their impressive skills. Despite being their senior, I find myself becoming a fan and an eager audience for the girl groups currently active. It fills me with great anticipation and enthusiasm to witness and be part of the creation and journey of a new girl group.”

The production team praised Sooyoung, stating, “Sooyoung is the ideal MC who can deeply empathize with the experiences and challenges faced by aspiring idol trainees.”

We are excited!

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