Rolling with Good Vibes and Park Ji Hoon in Manila

The rain may be strong, but the love of Park Ji Hoon for his Philippine Mays is even stronger.

Last September 2, Park Ji Hoon was part of the lineup of guests for the Korean Travel Fiesta held in Glorietta. This event aimed to promote South Korean culture and attract more visitors through various travel packages, events, and more.

Screenshot from KTO Manila

And in line with that theme of vacations and travel, Park Jihoon also shared his ideal trip: a ski resort. He recommends bringing two essential items—a lip balm and a hot pack for his hands. As for his favorite food at the ski resort, he enjoys having ramyeon and iced americano. Yes, even an iced americano in the winter.

“No exceptions!”

“Fave drink?” Yes!

Screenshot from KTO Manila

However, upon arriving at the ski resort, he wastes no time and heads straight to work on his skiing skills, skipping meals to ensure the trip isn’t ‘sayang’ (a waste). Park Jihoon also suggests that for those who aren’t into skiing, there are plenty of alternative activities and even some less steep slopes to enjoy.

Screenshot from KTO Manila

Aside from vacations, Park Ji Hoon’s acting career was brought up. In fact, he just won
Best New Actor at the 2023 (2nd) Blue Dragon Series Awards for his role as Yeon Si-Eun in “Weak Hero Class 1”. It’s even more amazing when this kind of award can only be won once in your career—truly well-deserved! Looking ahead, he also expressed his desire to explore new roles.

Another cool thing he shared with PH Mays is how he keeps his strength, which is through two exercises: gym and wrestling. Oh boy, you should’ve heard the crowd when Ji Hoon shared that he doesn’t have a wrestling partner because anyone in the gym can be his partner! Clearly, a lot of people do!

Screenshot from KTO Manila

Park Ji Hoon also made sure to interact with PH Mays as much as he could that day. From reading their signs and even giving a random necklace from the stage, he definitely shared the warmth of his heart to cool us from the cold weather. And in return, PH Mays greeted “Park Ji Hoon, saranghae!” that echoes throughout the entire area.

Screenshot from KTO Manila

And of course, we can’t forget about his performances too! Park Ji Hoon sang 3 songs, from “Lost”, “Rolling” to “Tomorrow”. With his incredible vocals, he occasionally danced along to the beat and made the crowd cheer for him more.

Before exiting the stage, he sweetly says “I hope you come see me in Korea”.

Korea or Philippines, PH Mays will definitely keep an eye on you, Park Ji Hoon!

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