Song Kang decided to become an actor because of the movie “Titanic”

Rising Actor Song Kang displays his distinctive fashion style and shared some information about him that you should know if you are a fan of him for W Korea magazine.

The 25-year-old actor, who will release two of his highly anticipated works this year said that he is walking slowly on the path as a young actor.

About his name, he revealed that he does not have any stage name. The name “Song Kang” is his real name. He shared that this father almost named him “Song Kang Geun.” He also shared the meaning of his name, “Song” from the Song Dynasty and “Kang” means river in Chinese characters.

Furthermore, his actual personality is the opposite of “Sun Oh.” his character in the drama “Love Alarm.” He said that he is more similar to Hye yeong (played by Jung Ga Ram) who cares for his favorite person from afar.

When asked “Have you ever felt that you were changing yourself, being immersed in Sun Oh’s character?” He replied that there are instances. Song Kang explained, “Sun Oh is a person who gets angry like a fire when he is in an unfair situation and if someone hurts other people, but has lived in loneliness because he grew up unloved by his parents as a child.” and as the filming continued, he became close to Sun Oh as he understand and sympathize to Sun Oh’s character.

Sun Oh has no hesitation in expressing his feelings. So after the filming, After the filming, Song Kang realized that he didn’t feel awkward when he expressed what he feels.

What fans can expect from the second season of “Love Alarm“? Sun Oh will show his mature and solid self after he and Jojo (played by Kim So Hyun) broke up.

Song Kang said that the “season 2 Sun Oh” will probably order an espresso with added bitter shot and will send a message “What are you doing” without a question mark, when asked about what menu he will order at a cafe and what text message he will send.

He confessed that he decided to become an actor when he was 20. He turned on the TV and he watched the scene on the deck of the ship where Leonardo DeCaprio (Jack) embraces Kate Winslet (Rose), which is one of the best scene from the movie “Titanic.” He added that he always feel bored but with acting he never gotten tired from the moment he decided to become an actor but he said that acting can’t be fun every time.

Auditioning for Netflix’s upcoming drama “Sweet Home” was the most nerve-racking audition Song Kang had. He thought that he was a rookie during that time.

About Sun Oh’s character, he said that the character is very complicated and difficult. When they finished filming it, he said that he was mentally drained and lose weight up to 66kg but he gained a lot of confidence compared before.

According to him, a good actor needs to have a good acting skills and great personality.

When he is driving, he often listen to “Crash Landing On You” OST and if he is with his friends he plays songs of Charlie Puth.

Before going to bed he reads a book by Linda Picone titled “365 Daily Book of Positive Quotations”.

original pictures and interview by W Korea

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