Tiffany Young signs exclusive contract with Sublime

Tiffany Young has signed an exclusive contract with Sublime.

According to Korean media, on the 26th, Sublime said, “We signed an exclusive contract with Tiffany Young, who has an irreplaceable presence. We are truly happy to be with Tiffany Young, who has a lot of influence. We will provide all the necessary support to demonstrate our abilities in various areas in the future and will not hold back on supporting global activities.”

This will be her first time signing an exclusive contract with a Korean entertainment company in five years. She will continue to work with her most trusted manager.

Meanwhile, Sub-Lime includes Song Kang Ho, Rain, Kim Hee Jung, Yoon Jung Hee, Ki Eun Se, Kim Yoon Ji, Hani, Jackson (GOT7), Youngjae (GOT7), Han Eutteum, Jung Ye In, Yerin, and Lim Na Young.

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