MOMOLAND leaves MLD Entertainment

MOMOLAND is leaving MLD Entertainment!

MLD stated on the 27th that they expressed gratitude to the supporters of MOMOLAND and announced that they have come to a decision to end their exclusive contract with the group. “Thank you to the fans who support MOMOLAND. We have agreed to terminate the exclusive contract with MOMOLAND.”

After extensive talks, Momoland and their agency ultimately came to the mutual decision to terminate their exclusive contract. Both parties showed mutual respect for each other’s perspectives and decided to end the partnership amicably.

MLD said, “We express our deep gratitude to MOMOLAND for being with us as artists for a long time. We ask for unchanging love and encouragement for the members who are about to start anew.” 

MOMOLAND made their debut in 2016 with their song ‘Jjan! Koong! Kwang!’. The group went on to gain success with hit songs like ‘Bboom Bboom’ and ‘Baam’ which became a global hit particularly in the Philippines.

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