NCT DREAM’s album ‘ISTJ’ surpasses 4.1 million pre-orders

So proud of Dreamies! NCT Dream’s third full album officially surpassed 4.1 million pre-orders.

On July 12, SM Entertainment announced a remarkable achievement for NCT Dream’s highly anticipated album ‘ISTJ’. The company revealed that the album had already surpassed 4.1 million pre-orders as of July 10th, surpassing their own previous record.

Notably, ‘ISTJ’ achieved twice the number of pre-orders compared to their previous album ‘Glitch Mode’, which garnered approximately 2.07 million pre-orders upon its release in March of the previous year.

Furthermore, ‘ISTJ’ contains 10 songs, each showcasing unique charms and musical styles. The album’s focal point is its title track, named ‘ISTJ’. This dynamic and energetic hybrid hip-hop dance song breaks away from conventional norms and highlights the confident narrative of ENFPs who challenge and redefine the perceptions of ISTJ counterparts. The lyrics cleverly convey the ENFPs’ distinct perspectives and add an element of intrigue.

Are you excited about NCT Dream’s upcoming album?

WATCH NCT DREAM 엔시티 드림 ‘Broken Melodies’ MV

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