Sad K-Pop songs that you should add on your playlist

It’s ok to feel sad. Every one has feelings. When we are going through a difficult period, it is easy to feel disconnected and insignificant. Life can be challenging, and it’s only natural to feel overwhelmed or down. But it’s important to remember that these feelings are not permanent, and they are a natural part of our life.

It’s fine to take the time to process your emotions and feel what you’re feeling. During these trying times, it’s critical to be kind and compassionate to yourself. Try not to judge yourself for being sad or to punish yourself for being unable to figure things out. Keep moving forward, one step at a time.

During challenging times, we may indulge in listening to sad but comforting songs. Sometimes we want to fully experience our emotions and allow music to converse to us on a deep level. It can be a way to process and make sense of what we’re feeling, and can even provide a sense of solace and understanding.

Sad K-Pop songs that you should add on your playlist

1. Breathe – Lee Hi
2. End of A Day – Jonghyun
3. Zombie – Day6
4. Childhood – The Rose
5. That’s Okay – D.O
6. The Light – The Ark
7. Downpour – I.O.I
8. Grown Ups – Sondia (OST)
9. To My Youth – BOL4
10. Someday – Super Junior
11. Last Dance – BIGBANG
12. Don’t Forget – iKON
13. Circles – Seventeen
14. The Truth Untold – BTS
15. Epiphany – Jin
16. Spring Day – BTS
17. You Never Know – BLACKPINK
18. Sailing – Girls’ Generation
19. Timeless – NCT U
20. Divine – Girls’ Generation
21. Still Life – BIGBANG
22. Beautiful Goodbye – Chen
23. Lonely – Jonghyun
24. Our Page – SHINee
25. Empty – Winner
26. Missing You – BTOB
27. Ending Scene – IU
28. Goodbye – 2ne1
29. I’m Fine Thank You – Ladies Code
30. Segno – NU’EST
31. Spring Breeze – Wanna One
32. Hard To Say Goodbye – Bae Jin Young

33. Daisy – Pentagon

34. Nap of a Star – TXT
35. Fine – Taeyeon

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